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Jurassic World™

Explore LEGO® Jurassic World™ and get ready for action-packed fun inspired by the big movie series. There are dinosaurs for all ages with exciting LEGO sets. The LEGO sets feature cool vessels, heroic figures, iconic buildings, laboratories, scientific equipment and more.

A World of Dinosaurs and Adventures

Travel to Isla Nubar. And experience exciting LEGO® Jurassic World™ adventures. Catch raging dinosaurs in the island’s jungles. Then look for them in volcanoes and prehistoric landscapes.

Then embark on bold rescue missions with Owen and his heroic team. And meet all your favourite dinosaurs. Dinosaurs like velociraptors and the mighty T. rex.

Just remember to stay ahead of the flock. Like the wisest survivors of LEGO Jurassic World! Fans of Jurassic World and dinosaurs can let their imagination drift. While they hunt, catch and save their way through the stunning Isla Nubar Island.


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