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Clementoni SlitherBot

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Introduce your child to the wonders of robotics with the Clementoni SlitherBot. It’s the perfect combination of education and entertainment, designed to inspire the next generation of engineers and tech enthusiasts.

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The Clementoni SlitherBot is a captivating and educational toy designed to introduce children to the fascinating world of robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. This innovative robot mimics the movements of a snake, providing an engaging hands-on experience that combines fun and learning.


Realistic Movement: The SlitherBot replicates the slithering motion of a snake, offering a unique and exciting robotic experience.

STEM Education: Teaches fundamental principles of robotics, mechanics, and programming, making STEM learning accessible and enjoyable.

DIY Assembly: Includes detailed instructions for assembling the robot, promoting critical thinking and fine motor skills.

Programmable Actions: Equipped with an intuitive app that allows children to program and control the robot’s movements and actions via a smartphone or tablet.

Durable Design: Made from high-quality, robust materials to ensure longevity and withstand active play.

Rechargeable Battery: Features a rechargeable battery for extended playtime and convenience.


Educational Value: Provides an engaging way to understand robotics and engineering concepts, blending fun with learning.

Encourages Creativity: Allows kids to experiment with programming sequences, fostering creativity and innovation.

Develops Technical Skills: Enhances technical skills through hands-on assembly and programming, preparing children for advanced STEM activities.

Promotes Problem-Solving: Challenges kids to think critically and solve problems as they build and program the robot.

Interactive Play: Suitable for solo play or group activities, encouraging teamwork and collaboration among young learners.

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Weight 490 g
Dimensions 27.6 × 6 × 18.8 cm